An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
EEMED Audition

“Amara Presents: An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance [2005]”
- by Mezdulene

Jareeda Oct./Nov. 2005: 42.

This is another provocative video produced by Amara. It starts by following her from her arrival to a performance showing her in the dressing room putting on her make-up and costume and follows her onto the stage. What happens next is totally open to interpretation, so I'm going to leave you some mystery suggesting that you must see it for yourself. I can tell you that it was powerful and thought-provoking.

"See" There's a ghost in our home is performed by Laurie Buenafe and is a very unusual and riveting performance followed by a dance called Loie Fuller Goddess of Light a tribute the innovative American dancer who performed in Paris in the 1890's. This dance is done by Amara and Anaheed and in my opinion is worth the price of the video alone. It is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. What an exquisite treat.

Next is "Amazons" performed by the Myths complete with a tribe of women carrying very big spears and frightened men-folk and man slaves. The women dance and the men cower and look on in amazement as the women do ritual and war dances, finally pitting the men against each other in a fight to the death followed by an interesting dagger dance.

"Minnie the Moocher" by Dawna is a tribute to the era of Hoochi Coochi dancers. T his was a fun routine complete with gum chewing and a large feather boa. This was followed by "Eden," the story of Lilith, Adam and Eve with Amara, Brandon and Djahari, a dance more modern then Middle Eastern, but definitely mesmerizing and powerful. This performance was amazing!

Next was "Pandora's Box" performed by the Myths, a dramatic representation of the old myth complete with box and evil unleashed. This was followed by Monkey King a performance by Perfumes of Araby includes Goddesses, a monk and mystical creatures on a Chinese journey in search of the ultimate treasure. This is a very interesting set filled with gorgeous costumes and many different and unusual characters.

"Delirium Awakens the Sacred Spirit," performed by Tandemonium, is a dance of shamans and animal spirits with incredible live singers in great costumes dancing with tambourines and exclamations to call in the spirits.

"Magic Lives On" by Lorraine, is a performance where Houdini's wife visits his grave looking for signs of his return. This is an interesting dance with an even more interesting costume complete with floating magic wand.

Next was "Unknown" performed by Ya Helewa! as an expression of the horror and chaos of mass destruction. This was pretty weird, yet fascinating and intense. It was followed by Desert Sin in "Ode to Silent Film" complete with flapper girls and a villain and definitely a tension breaker as the villain casts spells on the dancers making them do some interesting dance movements and eliciting a few laughs from the audience.

I didn't time this video, but it was very long and gives you much more then your money's worth. Some scenes are short, but several are complete shows in themselves, very involved and filled with drama and visual expressions of stories. I found it to be very entertaining and I think it might be the best Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance yet. The creativity in costuming dance and expression is mind-blowing.

This is a must for your video library if you want to be entertained and at the same time inspired.