An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
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Experimental Belly Dance EEMED
EEMED 2001 Video Clip
Performances on the 2001 video
(this page features still images taken directly from the video)
Soul of a Dancer
Performed by Marula

Inspired by a segment of "The Wanderer" by Khalil Gibran.


Sa Elayssa
Grandmother 1914 - 2001

Perfomed by Sa' Elayssa

Sa Elayssa

Marguerite bellydancer
Dream of Tara
Performed by Marguerite & Art Kusuhara

A wandering mendicant dreams of a dancing diety as a vision of light, and healing.

Marguerite and Art Kusuhara

Anaheed and Sieg
The Lotus and the Cross
Performed by Siegfried Heep & Anaheed

A meditative interpretive piece reflecting western and eastern spirituality.

Anaheed and Sieg

Performed by Tatianna

Modern interpretive belly dance - fighting for life. Inspired by and dedicated to her mother.


Jheri St. James
Face It
Performed by Jheri St. James

How what we wear and look like affect our moves.

Jheri St. James

Ya Helewa!
Performed by Ya Helewa! (Amara, Cassandra, and Sa' Elayssa)

Explores an uncommon facet in Middle East dance - feeling a bit abstract, awkward, and uncomfortable.

Ya Helewa!

Djahari and Sa Elayssa of Desert Sin
Performed by Sa' Elayssa & Djahari

For you or nothing

Sa Elayssa

Tristan V. and Marguerite
The Harem
Perfomed by Amara, Marguerite, Tristan V., Tandemonium, and other dancers from the cast.

Intermixing with a a self-realizing commentary on the harem and Orientalism is a Persian Fan Dance and a modern Persian interpretive dance.


Anaheed and Amara
Bare Essences
Performed by Amara & Anaheed

Foregrounds the form and shape of dance without the distraction of the flesh.

Anaheed and Amara

Jheri St. James
Take a Tip
Performed by Jheri St. James

Playing with typical audience and performer roles and expectations.

Jheri St. James

Cassandra, Tonda, Djahari, Tatianna
Undulating Through the Cacti
Performed by Desert Sin (Djahari, Tatianna, Cassandra, Tawni Tyndali, Tonda, Kubena, and Sa' Elayssa)

Waging war between those who are exploring non-conformity and nudity, and those who want to punish the performers for their transgressions.

Djahari, Sa Elayssa, Cassandra
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Warning: This video contains nudity, cross-dressing, violence, spirituality, cultural imperialism, stereotyping, expression of feelings, manipulation of audience members, talking and eating food on stage.

We hope this production makes you laugh, makes you cry, and gives you inspiration to explore and express yourself through dance.

Please feel free to share your questions or comments with Amara.

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