An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
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Experimental Belly Dance EEMED
EEMED 2002 Video Clip
Performances on the 2002 video
(this page features still images taken directly from the video)
A Different Drum
Performed by Melissa

How do modern life and the business world truly affect human nature? When we are still and become aware of the impact of so many unnatural stressors, the light of our inner being yearns to be free.

Sacramental Skins
Perfomed by Djahari & Sa' Elayssa of Desert Sin

The absence of guilt and sin.

The Jelly
Performed by Amara

Connecting the jellyfish's movements with the undulations of Middle Eastern dance.

Is It Safe to Dance?
Performed by Tandemonium

The traditional folkloric dances of the Arabian peninsula take on new meaning when performed to Western pop music. This piece is dedicated to Mohammed Khordadian, who was recently convicted in Iran for the corruption of public morals for teaching dance in the United States (not for dancing in Iran). He was banned from dancing or teaching for life and could not leave Iran for 10 years. But as of this week, he has successfully appealed and is now free to leave Iran.

Darkness of Duality

Performed by Tatianna & Alsana of Desert Sin

Performed by Anaheed

Playful fusion of American Music and Belly Dance Styling.

Hole in the Willow
Performed by Ya Helewa! (Amara, Cassandra, and Kalila)

A woman struggles to maintain strength and her identity when confronted by the deceitful spirits of her past love.

Recurring Scream
Performed Djahari


Created by: Amara
Performers: Ya Helewa! - Amara, Cassandra Siegler, Kim Williams, Tonda Kubena, Tawni Tyndall, Amanda Miller and Tatianna

Duncanesque, Banat el-beledi, and Saidi dance styles are used to demonstrate the oppression women place upon each other.

Cry of the HeartPerformed by Tandemonium with Ya Helewa!, Tonda Kubena, & Tawni Tyndall

Inspired by the Sufi ritual of zikr, or "remembrance," this choreography draws on gestures from many different cultures of the East which reflect the heart's innermost yearnings. It also depicts the plight of millions of women who, unseen, have no political voice.


Performed by Sa' Elayssa

Performed by Anaheed, Greg Osweiler, Jorjana La Shara, Marie Salame, Caracal, Alsana, Tonda Kubena & Tawni Tyndall

Hysterical historical fiction about Belly Dancing!

Performed by Ya Helewa!

Trajectories through the encounter of the varying always already there.

Warning: This video contains nudity, cross-dressing, spirituality, cultural imperialism, stereotyping, expression of feelings, manipulation of audience members, and talking on stage.

We hope this production makes you laugh, makes you cry, and gives you inspiration to explore and express yourself through dance.

Please feel free to share your questions or comments with Amara.

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