An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
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Experimental Belly Dance EEMED
EEMED 2004 Video Clip
Performances on the 2004 video
(this page features still images taken directly from the video)
Bast bellydance theater
The Three Faces of the Moon
Performers: Bast

Symbolizing "the complete woman," three dancers depict significant aspects of womanhood - Maiden, Mother, and Crone - as they dance under the Moon.

Bast bellydance theater

Anaheed, Amara, and Djahari
Dueling Butte'(s)
Performers: Anaheed, Amara, and Djahari

In a unique, playful "specialty" number Anaheed & Friends display articulate
muscle moves to classic American Music!

Anaheed, Amara, and Djahari

Tandemonium Middle Eastern Dancers
Rumble in the Casbah
Performers: Tandemonium

When a Crusader and Saracen go "bump" in the night, mayhem ensues!

Tandemonium MIddle Eastern Dancers

Jenevieve and X-Magika
Performers: Jenevieve featuring Jenevieve's x-magika dance co.

The rise of spirit from demonic debauchery and the chains of hell to faith, god, love, and fearless abandonment manifests in tantric bliss.

X-Magika belly dance company

Amara and Elayssa
Performers: Amara and Sa' Elayssa

A couple deals with depression by transferring and diffusing the pain between one another

Elayssa of Desert Sin

Cassandra of Desert Sin
Performer: Cassandra

The mythology of the mermaid longing for what she does not have, the ability to walk on land, is expressed through the sideshow tradition of

Casandra mermaid of Desert Sin

Anaheed bellydancer
Loie Fuller: Goddess of Light
Performer: Anaheed

In an interpretive historic recreation, Anaheed pays tribute to Loie Fuller, an innovative American Dancer who performed in Paris in the 1890's and utilized light, fabric, and symbolic imagery to create extraordinary dance performances.

Anaheed bellydancer

Ya Helewa belly dance troupe
Part 1 and 2
Performers: Ya Helewa!

Five slightly off kiltered characters follow shared movement sequences with their own set of rules.

Ya Helewa belly dance troupe

Subee Djinn tribal belly dance
Performers: Subee Djinn

In dreams, more truth is revealed than in reality.

Subee Djinn tribal belly dance

Cut From Stone
Performer: RicoDancer of BelCobraDance

A piece about devotion, liberation, and the musicality of sculpture.


Myths belly dance theater group
Performers: Myths

We're calling. Come hither, we want you to follow. Down where we dance in the water green hollow. We'll sweep you to carelessness, wrap you in
dreams, your land chains we'll sever. You'll stay here forever.

Myths belly dance theater group

Tandemonium Middle Eastern dance company
Rumble in the Casbah, Part Deux
Performers: Tandemonium

Those wacky warriors are at it again! This time there is a surprise (or two)

Tandemonium Middle Eastern Dancers

Ya Helewa belly dance company
Volatile Bodies (1999)
Performers: Ya Helewa!

Drawing on movements from the Mevlevi Sema, Egyptian Zar, and Moroccan Guedra, dancers express the space between disharmony and support.

Ya Helewa belly dance troupe

Desert Sin fairytale
Performers: Desert Sin

A Fairy Court is infiltrated by goblins and chaos ensues until the power of
the Fairy Queen sets things right and her love restores the King to her side.

Desert Sin fairytale

Warning: This video contains nudity, cross-dressing, violence, spirituality, cultural imperialism, stereotyping, expression of feelings, manipulation of audience members, talking and eating food on stage.

We hope this production makes you laugh, makes you cry, and gives you inspiration to explore and express yourself through dance.

Please feel free to share your questions or comments with Amara.

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