An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
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Experimental Belly Dance EEMED
EEMED 2006 Video Clip
Performances on the 2006 video
(this page features still images taken directly from the video)
Amara belly dancer
Instant Review
Performed by Amara

A traditional Egyptian Folk dancer explores her relationship with the audience.

Amara belly dancer

Tatianna belly dancer
One Look Back
Performed by Tatianna & Ricky Rasura

Everyone must remember the past to find the future. May it be a journey of a destroyed culture, a love lost, or broken dream. Tatianna takes one look back in this dance of the shadowy past and light breaking future.

Tatianna belly dancer

Move Along
Performed by RicoDancer

A whimsical "who cares" fusion of lyrical dance and belly dance.
Dedicated to David Heiman.


Bellydancer Cera
Hide & Seek
Performed by Cera

A glimpse into the dizzying emotional space that occupies the ending of a relationship.

Bellydancer Cera

Tandemonium Dance Company
In Memoriam
Performed by Tandemonium

A tribute to our loved ones who recently departed for the afterlife. When we go to join them, will they be there waiting for us, or will they have moved on to another place?

Tandemonium Dance Company

Ya Helewa Belly Dance Troupe
Performed by Ya Helewa! and friends (Anaheed, Djahari, Nella, and Tatianna)

The mythology of the mermaid longing for what she does not have, the ability to walk on land, is expressed through the sideshow tradition of

Ya Helewa Belly Dance Troupe

Laurie Buenafe Krsmanovic
Fox and Swan
Performed by Laurie Buenafe Krsmanovic

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky."

Laurie Buenafe Krsmanvic

Bellydancer Amara
On The Wrong Side of Nowhere
Performed by Amara

Shedding layers to reach a place of tranquility.

Bellydancer Amara

Djahari of Desert Sin
The Thieving Magpie
Performed by Djahari with Cassandra
Djahari and Cassandra of Desert Sin

Chapelina belly dance
The Evening of a Fawn -
or is it a Faun?

Performed by Chapelina
Chapelina belly dance

Nella belly dance fusion
Performed by Nella

The effects of divorce and domestic violence...

Nell belly dance fusion

Erin snake dance
Shimmering Shedding Sheela
Performed by Erin

A snake comes out for an evening to shed her old life and radiate with her new skin.

Erin snake dance

Anaheed, Tonda and Amara
Elemental Loie Fuller
Performed by Anaheed, Amara, and Tonda

A tribute to the innovative American dancer who performed in Paris in the 1890's using light, fabric, and symbolism to create extraordinary dance imagery.

Bellydancer Tonda

Warning: This video contains nudity, cross-dressing, violence, spirituality, cultural imperialism, stereotyping, expression of feelings, manipulation of audience members, talking and eating food on stage.
We hope this production makes you laugh, makes you cry, and gives you inspiration to explore and express yourself through dance.

Please feel free to share your questions or comments with Amara.

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