An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
"There could not have been a better catalyst for the growth spurt of my creativity than X-MED..."
---- J. Haeleigh Sun, Jareeda Magazine

A fun and safe environment in which to learn cutting-edge chorographic processes
in an emerging dance form

Study with two of the most successful innovators of
Experimental Middle Eastern Dance and Theater

    Amara (Director of Ya Helewa! and Producer of EEMED)
    Djahari (Director of Desert Sin)
    And Guest Instructor Mihrimah Ghaziya (of France)

X-MED is an experimental Middle Eastern dance seminar co-produced by Amara and Djahari. It continues a supportive approach to experimental Middle Eastern dance and theater that the two have shared for 15 years. Their joint teaching of each seminar offers students different points of view and experiences on each topic.

In addition, the performances with Q&A allow the audience an opportunity to see applications of experimental Middle Eastern dance technique while continuing the learning process.


Do you want to perform at one of the shows? For information on the audition, please go here.

A journey through artistic expression appropriate for all levels and styles

Discover new ways of pushing beyond Middle Eastern Dance and Theater boundaries

A rare opportunity for Q&A during performances with top Experimental Middle Eastern Dance Artists

To host an X-MED seminar / workshop in your area, please contact Amara at