An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance

Desert Sin Djahari

Djahari Clark, founder of Desert Sin, has been studying and working in theatre, film and dance for over 25 years. Her career has been both onstage as a performer as well as behind the scenes as producer, director, and manager for such companies as Desert Sin, The Hidden Room Theater, UCLA Theater and Music Departments, Xanadu Repertory, Fox Broadcasting Company, and Burning Galileo Productions. She studied with Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum’s Academy of the Classics, led by a repertory of renowned theatre professionals specializing in techniques of Voice, Movement and Text and earned her BA in the School of Theatre, Film and Television at UCLA. Since 1999 she has been a principle dancer in the Pars National Ballet Company. Under the name Desert Sin, Djahari has created and produced several full-length productions in Los Angeles and New York including "Musée des Femmes," “Sita’s Fire,” and “Twitchers.”  In 2008, “Musée” enjoyed a successful 8-month off-Broadway run in New York  City.



Amara, PhD, is one of the most versatile dancers in the United States as her repertory includes traditional and experimental improvisations and choreographies. She has held long-term performing engagements at many nightclubs and restaurants in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Austin, and has been highlighted in over 15 commercial videos, including IAMED, BD-TV, and EEMED. Amara has taught accredited courses at UCLA, UCR, Cal Poly Pomona. In addition to teaching regular studio dance and lecture classes, Amara is the Director of Ya Helewa! Dance Company, Producer of EEMED shows, and Co-Producer of X-MED workshops. Amara has a PhD in Dance History and Theory from UCR, a BA in Music History and Literature with a certificate in Ethnomusicology from FSU, and worked towards an M.A. and M.F.A. in Dance at UCLA.


Desert Sin Mihrimah Ghaziya (of France)

Born in France and currently travelling the world to teach and perform, Mihrimah's creative style and dance experience makes her a valued teacher wherever she goes. Strongly influenced by her training in physical theatre, ballet, and modern, her style is a unique fusion of dance forms. She successfully blends the Ancient and the New and Tradition and Innovation by incorporating various folk dances of the world into her repertoire as well as classical and contemporary dance.

(All Photos from X-MED Performances)

Anaheed Cera Desert Sin
Anaheed (Instructor) Cera
Elayssa Farhana stants
Elayssa (Instructor) Farhana
Laurie Tatianna Meleah
Laurie Buenafe
Ya Helewa! Ya Helewa! TandemoniumTandemonium
Randi Sahira and Silvia
Tatianna Ya Helewa!  
Tatianna Ya Helewa!  

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