An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
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X-MED Belly Dance WorkshopHiring X-MED

2 - 3 Instructors

Hiring individual instructors

  • Individual interpretations on X-MED seminars
  • Non X-MED seminars

X-MED Packages

Half Day Seminar – 2 workshops

One Day Seminar – 3 workshops

One Day And Half Day Seminar – 4 or 5 workshops

Two Day Seminar – 6 workshops

Three Day Seminar – 9

Performance Option – Seminar teachers may also be hired to perform. We encourage a Q & A session type show with audience and performer discussions.

Workshop Descriptions

The Zone
Waking your inner soul while sparking the creative process through a series of solo and group meditation exercises. A journey from idea to full realization.

Movement, Music, and Expression
Invigorate movement with meaning by expanding your current dance vocabulary. Explore how to visually convey music and generate an array of emotions through bodily expressions

Acting Through Dance
Discover techniques to push past your comfort zone. Learn how to communicate effectively with an audience and expand your facial vocabulary.

Fusion Techniques
Learn how to create a seamless fusion by combining a variety of styles and elements into your performance.

Creating and Destroying the Rules
Through knowledgeable exploration understand how, when, and why to break the laws of dance. Formulate ways of constructing new and meaningful rules in order to dance outside of your training.

Creative Staging and Lighting
Gain tools to illuminate and adorn your space. Understand how to build a dancescape that conveys your vision.

Creative Make-up & Costume
Complete the physical manifestation of your vision. Explore the poetry of colors, textures, and shapes. Please bring make-up and a mirror. Lecture and hands on application.

Dance Structures – Non-Narrative
Investigate unique forms of composition including thematic variations, character sketches, music structure, and symbolic imagery to communicate an idea or message.

Storytelling Through Dance
Learn how to construct strong and focused dance narratives. Explore character development through various forms such as autobiography, history, and myth.

"Storyboarding your Dance"
Limited to 5 participants (Pre-registration only) This is a one-day intimate program designed for students to workshop his/her own personal routine, whether near completion or in the beginning process. This class will be catered to your dance through a pre-seminar consultation process regarding your needs. We will then approach your dance from a variety of angles by offering tools to implement your concepts specifically through Structurally building a dancescape that conveys your vision, Creative Make-up and Costuming to help complete the physical manifestation of your vision, and Creative Staging and Lighting to give specific methods to illuminate and adorn your space. Students will also learn the art of giving and receiving criticism in a productive and supportive manner.

A rare evening of performances by some of the most successful innovators of experimental Middle Eastern Dance. Following each performance is a Q&A discussion between performers and audience members.