An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance
EEMED Audition

Once Upon a Belly Dance: A Colleciton of Short Stories
- by Marula

The Papyrus. March 2009: 24-27.

Imagine... was the theme for the Mission Valley YMCA’s Annual Support Campaign.  It was also the theme for the belly dance fusion show on January 31st at the Saville Theater. 

Now Imagine… a collection of short stories told through Middle Eastern Dance Fusion and you have a spectacular show that featured some of the most creative and talented belly dancers in and out of our locality. Once Upon a Belly Dance, was a wonderful, creative and professional collaboration of dancers and volunteers who donated time, talent and energy to raise funds for the Outreach program.  The program pays for PE for inner school children, gang and drug prevention programs and scholarships for senior citizens in need of social contact and health related programs.  Besides being a spectacular event, the show raised $2,500.  Every penny raised during this event was donated to the campaign.

On behalf of children, adults, and families whose lives are positively impacted by the Mission Valley YMCA programs and services, Thank you for volunteering your time and efforts to the 2009 Annual Support Campaign .You were all so incredible!
For anyone who missed this wonderful show, you have the opportunity to experience it on DVD.   You may order Once Upon a Belly Dance from or contact   The DVD is $25.00.  $5.00 will be donated back to the campaign for each DVD sold.

The show began with “Spellbound” performed by Michael David and Judeen.  With fun, humor, and imagination the performance warns one to “be careful of what you wish for.”  “Peach, Plum, Pear” Performed by the “Elysium Dance Theartre” was a beautiful, touching and creative study in acceptance.  “Cleopatra’s Epic” performed by “Lucia and the Sands of Arabia” was a dance portrait of a famous personality.  “The Alchemist” performed by “Cassie Mavis”, brought a soulful message from a far away visitor.  “Aquarius” performed by “Babyloon Mood” delighted and energized us with music and memories of another time.  “Emerging” performed by “Laura Downing” blended dance, fans and yoga into a liquid presentation.  “Swan Lake” performed by the “Sabra Dancers” was a visual and fusion delight.  “Daydreaming” performed by “Jasmina’s Gems” was a fun, upbeat number. (can’t give away the ending)

“Emotional Winter” Performed by “Malice Dreaming” portrayed with seductive beauty the legendary brides of Dracula.  “Tandava” performed by “Dunyana” was a portrait of Shiva’s joyful dance.  “Spy Vs Spy” performed by Sayyadina had the audience in stitches.  As Sayyadina explains, “Sometimes it’s fun to just be silly”.  “Pandora’s Box” performed by Judeen, Alexandra King, Michael David, Drishanna, and Sara, artfully presented the results of a willful spirit. “Siren’s Song” performed by Titanya was a creative interpretation to an age long tail. Indo-Afro Rhythm & Blues” performed by Bhakit Griot’s musicians and dancers was a fantastic energetic presentation of live music and movement.  The show and the dvd finishes off with a tale of the “Warm Fuzzies” performed by “Ya Helewa and Amara”. This story reminds us of the integral role generosity plays in our happiness.   When we are led to believe that we cannot afford to be generous, we keep to ourselves, our possessions, our time and even our caring.

Certainly this story wrapped up the theme for the entire show as well as the Annual Support Campaign.  The volunteers and performers all demonstrated their little bags are quite full of warm fuzzies and that they are more then willing to care.